Waxing Services

Satin Smooth waxes are imported from Italy and developed with a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contain a natural antibiotic called propolis. All waxes have built in buffers to protect skin and eliminate the need for dusting powder or talc, which maximizes hair breakage, giving you silky smooth skin with long lasting results every time.

Facial Waxing Services 
Touch Up Brow$12
Eyebrow Arch$9 – $12
Eyebrow Contouring$18 – $25
Lip$9 – $12
Upper Lip$12
Face (excluding brows)$25 – $50
Sides of Face$10 – $30
Waxing Services for Arms 
Waxing Services for Legs 
Half Leg$45 – $55
Full Leg (not bikini)$55 – $65
Bikini Waxing Services 
Bikini Line$40 – $45
Brazilian Bikini$50 – $65
Peach Smoothie Vajacial (Vaginal Facial)$50
Waxing Services for Torso and Neck
Back$45 – $65
Chest$40 – $100
Nape of Neck$12 – $35
Shoulders$25 – $35
Miscellaneous Waxing Services 
Ears$10 – $15
Nose$10 – $15
Fingers$1 per digit
Toes$1 per digit
Manzillian for the Guys$75
*Rules for Waxing and Brazilian Waxing
It is important to follow a few basic steps when you prepare for a bikini wax. First, of course, you should not get a bikini wax if you are diabetic, suffer from psoriasis or other skin conditions, or if you take Retinol or Accutane. If you are unsure, ask your physician whether you can go ahead with a wax.
When people prepare for a bikini wax, particularly if it is their first time, one big consideration is pain. Aestheticians usually recommend that you not get a wax when you are menstruating or pregnant, as sensitivity to the pubic area is usually increased at this time. Additionally, you may want to take ibuprofen or aspirin an hour before the wax to cut down on pain. Waxing does hurt, but how the wax is performed can make it hurt less.
Aestheticians recommend shaving the bikini area about three weeks prior to getting the wax, and if you plan a Brazilian wax, you will need to trim the hair to about ¼ to ½ inch (.63 to 1.52cm) if you haven’t shaved it three weeks before the wax.
Another important step to prepare for a bikini wax is to avoid swimming or sunning oneself for a full 24 hours prior to the wax. After the waxing, you will want to consider the same for a couple of days. The skin can have some redness or bumping, which can be helped by ice. There is also the occasional ingrown hair, which can be iced, and then have anti-bacterial cream applied to ward off infection. Aestheticians recommend gently exfoliating the pubic area before the wax, and then doing so regularly after the wax to cut down on ingrown hairs.
1. Be comfortable. The bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing after treatments to avoid irritation caused by friction or rubbing.
2. Expect to be sensitive. For 48 hours after the treatment, the area will be more sensitive than usual. Apply cold compresses and an anti-inflammatory cream, such as hydrocortisone, if the skin s especially tender.
3. Use warm water. Do not take hot baths for at least two hours, but bathe after waxing to clean the area. Do not use a sauna or steam room for at least 48 hours.
4. Abstain from sex. Medical experts recommend waiting 48 hours after any type of bikini wax before engaging in sex. This time period is when your body can be most susceptible to outside bacteria, which can potentially cause an infection. For your safety and health, it is better to abstain, but it is not required. It is really a personal choice, so just keep in mind that the skin does need some time to recover.
5. Avoid UV rays. Steer clear of tanning beds and sunbathing for at least 48 hours, and always wear sun protection.
6. Watch out for acidic products. Refrain from the use of any products containing acid, such as alpha hydroxy, glycolic acid and salicylic acid for 48 hours. Acids, although helpful for exfoliating the skin and helping prevent bumps and ingrown hairs after hair removal, can be irritating to the skin during the first 48 hours, since the waxing process already exfoliates the top layers of skin during the treatment.