Nail Treatments

Much more than just beauty treatments, manicures and skin care based treatments for the hands and arms are fast becoming essential to our nail clients. Manicures and pedicures make your hands and feet look great, but also rehydrate the tissues and increase circulation to the nails. 


Hot Stone Pedicure
75 Minutes/$65
Our elite spa pedicure! Your will enjoy all the benefits of our spa pedicure combined with hot stone therapy. The relaxing stone therapy massage deeply penetrates heat onto various pressure points on the feet. Our masque replenishes vital nutrients allowing the skin to look and feel healthy and replenished.

The Spa Pedicure
60 Minutes/$50     Add Heated Paraffin $55
The Ultimate in Pedicures!
A luxurious, marine-inspired facial for the feet. This pedi features 2 exfoliants containing therapeutic Dead Sea Salts, Natural Luffa, Jojoba, Apricot Powder and Alpha-Hydroxy Lactic Acids. Hot towels and European Rose Mud will deeply hydrate and enhance cell renewal. Add complete nail care, a pampering foot and leg massage with African Shea butter. Your feet will be in heaven!

The Classic Pedicure
40 Minutes/$39     Add Heated Paraffin $44
Refresh and beautify the feet in a jiffy. Feet are soaked in our deluxe aromatherapy foot spa, and skin is gently exfoliated. Cuticles are perfected, and nails are clipped, reshaped, and buffed. Followed by a light foot and leg massage and the polish of your choice. Enjoy! Recommended every 4 weeks.

Baby Foot Treatment
Exfoliate your feet naturally! The skin may be injured if the dead skin cells are removed by scratching the foot with a file or pumice. Baby Foot is an innovative foot care treatment that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. Add to your favorite pedicure for only $24.

DetoxSoak Pedicure
NEW Herbal DETOXSOAK™ Service “Total Body Health Begins with the Feet” A stand alone service featuring a 15 minute DETOXSOAK™ of feet in warm water followed by a DETOXSOAK™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress and refresh. 60 minutes. $50


Hot Stone Manicure
60 Minutes/$44
Our elite spa manicure! You will enjoy all the luxury of our spa manicure with the addition of stone therapy. Your hands and nails will look and feel refreshed and beautiful after our elite service.

Signature Spa Manicure
60 Minutes/$38
This deluxe “facial for the hands” is the ultimate restorative treatment. A two-step citric acid exfoliation followed by a paraffin dip will rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin. Complete nail care is included, and topped off with a hand and arm massage and a perfect polish of the nails. Skin is left radiant and glowing! Recommended every other Classic Manicure.

Simply Classic Manicure
30 Minutes/$23     Add Heated Paraffin $30
For clients on-the-go. A 30 minute manicure to reshape the nails, clean up the cuticles and massage moisture into the hands. Finished with a fresh coat of nail polish. Recommended every 4 weeks.

Shellac Gel Polish
With Manicure $40